Ultherapy 1.5mm Is Perfect For Under Eye Wrinkles and Laxity

The technology of Ulthera is a non-invasive and non-surgical process, which tightens, lifts and tones the skin of the face, forehead, as well as, neck. It is such a cosmetic technology, which utilises the tried-and-true technology of ultrasound waves for achieving results that mirror those of a traditional facelift. Since our https://pro-academic-writers.com/ first pilot workshop in 2008, we have provided free training opportunities to more than 4,000 educators to learn how to develop oer the wiki way. The focus of waves is on . the deep layers of the skin and prompt the own healing mechanism of the body to produce natural collagen. The technology is available for a number of years, which is famous not only for its beneficial effects in ‘lifting’ the face but also tightening loose skin in a manner to ‘refresh’ the face instead of making huge dramatic changes as a facelift would. Nowadays, more and more doctors are suggesting Ulthera for all those clients, who wish to sculpt their faces in a non-invasive manner.

Ulthera is a Food and Drug Administration approved skin tightening treatment, which is in existence since 2009. In addition to the 3mm and 4.5mm transducers, which treat the dermis, as well as, the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) respectively, now Ulthera releases the 1.5mm transducer. This transducer treats the superficial dermis and is appropriate for those areas where the skin is thinner. The 1.5mm transducer is in line with its notion that the improved results can be obtained through a blend of dermal rejuvenation and a multidimensional lift. The 1.5mm transducer is perfect for deploying at the areas under the eyes and under the chin.

As far as Singaporean people are concerned, they can get the new superficial 1.5mm skin tightening Ulthera Transducer at the Asia Health Partners clinic in Lucky Plaza, as per the direction of Dr Vanessa Phua, who has trained extensively in aesthetic and ophthalmology medicine internationally. Looking at her own ageless complexion, we can undoubtedly say that she is the best one in the field. Just like all Ulthera transducers, this new and smaller version used ultrasound energy so as to ‘damage’ the face’s underlying tissues (which is in this case is the eye area) so that natural healing sends enhanced amounts of collagen towards the area. Thus, resulting in the ‘lifting’ and ‘tightening’ effect.

One of the drawbacks of the technology of Ulthera has been the inability for the transducer, the handset, which directs the ultrasound energy to the face tissue. It is too large and too strong as far as the more delicate parts of the face are concerned, like the eye area. This is the area, which can certainly benefit from a bit of non-invasive help.

The 1.5mm eyelid tip edition has undergone a range of trials by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) so as to make sure that the machine avoids going too deep and affecting the muscles around the eyes. It is known that the treatment will last for 12 to 15 months, which is similar to that of a general Ultherapy treatment and will also assist combat aging around the eyes.

So, just check out the new superficial 1.5mm skin tightening Ulthera Transducer and rejuvenate your face.